Conspiracy? Our Subverted History, Part 3 - Hellenic Greece, Troy, and the real 'Game of Thrones'

General Muhammad Moore 10 December 2021

In our last video we covered the Scythians, who I believe pushed west into Europe as the Goths, leaving a largely R1a haplogroup trail in their wake.

In this video we'll cover their relatives, the Achaean and Hellenic Greeks, as well as the mysterious Trojans, likely responsible for the R1b trail left along the coastal regions of the Mediterranean, and into Rome and Britain.

So much has been left out, here. Trying to constrain 30 hours of material into 50 minutes is tricky.. there's so much more to be said. So, consider this a first pass, a broad-level take as a prelude to a deeper dive later.

On every front, the goal of certain powerful parties seems to be the destruction and erasure of our history and culture. For the sake of future generations, *fight* this.

First-hand accounts of the Trojan War:
The 'Dictys Cretensis', authored by Dictys of Crete (Greek perspective)

The 'History of the Fall of Troy', authored by Dares of Phrygia (Trojan perspective)

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