Conspiracy? Our Subverted History, Part 6 - From Holy Men to Dark Magicians

General Muhammad Moore 6 February 2022

Perhaps no aspect of our history has been as broadly impactful as the degeneration of our teachers and spiritual leaders.

As part of a recurring theme that continues to this day, the role/label/title these earliest high priests and sages helped imbue with such respect, admiration, power and influence, became an irresistible draw to a class of men looking for shortcuts to undeserved power and influence.. and this most important of institutions - and the all-important positions within it - thus became their foremost target.

What we see in our age, as churches everywhere degenerate into an extension of 'social justice' organizations, and compromise nearly every aspect of their more ancient and fundamental doctrine to fit the poisonous Telos of modernity, might be most accurately framed as merely the final stages of this wholesale subversion. To understand the *root* of what seemed to once be a genuine and healthy spiritual tradition, we have to look back, examine the oldest reliable historical accounts, and peel away the layers of subterfuge, manipulation, and misunderstanding.. and recognize that our modern 'intellectuals' and 'experts' are the inheritors of this subversive culture and these subversive personalities who, completely enamored with 'sophistication' and the products of their own fallible intellects, tossed aside the notion of a creative force in the universe, and became the flawed creators and bad artists serving to so cheapen and degrade our existence - inevitably producing such confusion and suffering as by-products.

From the conduits of a higher power, to masquerading as this higher power themselves.. like whited sepulchres, full of dead men's bones.

I strongly believe that finding our way back to that pure and simple 'root' holds *immense* promise for the future - and requires us to first retrace our steps, to gain some understanding of this path of degeneration:
these missteps, and this straying borne of confusion.

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